Friday, February 1, 2013

Go Team...GoYachats!

Why would anyone come to Yachats on Super Bowl Sunday? Oh, let me count the reasons!
First, we don’t have a major league football team (yet), so you can cheer for either the Ravens or the 49ers, as loud as you want, and no one will feel bad that it wasn’t the Yachats Whales down there at the scrimmage line.

Second, perhaps you’ve had it with your home turning into a Man Cave every Sunday. You’re tired of the malls and just need a break. Sometimes this applies to the ladies only, but we aren’t making any assumptions. Everyone is welcome in Yachats! You could escape to this lovely coastal village. The weather is supposed to be really nice (as in SUNNY). You can breathe fresh air, feel that salt spray on your face, explore the many unique shops (from rocks to exotic spices, books to handmade bowls—and more more more), or just sit and read a book in peace and quiet.

But third—we can provide that man cave right here in Yachats! There are television screens at the Adobe, the Drift Inn, and in the lounge at Ona. There’s also a new place in town: Outta Gas Pizza, located in the old Boston Chevron station at the north end of town, remodeled and full of pool tables, shuffleboard, and oh yes, beer. They don’t just have a screen. They have a SCREEN. Wall to wall and floor to ceiling. Ever fantasize about being right there on the line with those 300 pound fullbacks? Here’s your chance, without fear of broken bones. The pizza’s pretty darn good too.

So what are you waiting for? Sunday is right around the corner. Make your plans now and have a Super Sunday in Yachats.

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