Sunday, April 17, 2011

Ready. Set. GoYachats!

Stories are what we are all about, whether we are travelers or residents, tourists or the folks who provide the services to make your visit a fabulous experience (so you will go home with great stories to tell!)

Yachatians have plenty of stories. There are stories that we have inherited from the First People who lived along the coast for thousands of years. There are people who trace their roots back to pioneer times and people who drove through last week and came back to buy a house. Yachatians are the folks who sell books and rocks, coffee and art. They pump gas, rent videos, own motels, cash checks, pour wine, scoop ice cream, and take your order for dinner. They’ll tell you where to go for a beach run, buy fresh seafood, rent a cozy cottage, luxuriate in a spa overlooking the ocean, get a massage, see rare rhododendrons, walk in the woods, play Frisbee with your dog, find chanterelles. (Okay, they probably won’t tell you where to find chanterelles—but you can buy them at our local market.)

We’re friendly folks, by and large. Order a cuppa at the Green Salmon Coffee Shoppe or the Village Bean Coffee Cafe and strike up a conversation. And visit the Yachats Beach Blog often to hear our stories.


  1. Trying to tell some stories so let me know how to blog on this site!

  2. You've been authorized with formal invite Rick, welcome to Yachats Beach Blog!